Situation: Agency requested photos to help launch a new bedding line on Amazon.  Needed location, props and staging to showcase the collection. 

Suggestions: While we leveraged many of our Kelly Mooney Photography contacts (especially those in the real estate world) to find a location that had the aesthetic appeal the client envisioned, in the end we realized that our own Oregon City studio could best be converted into a beautiful, whimsical setting for this new bedding line.  We helped the client curate the accessories by scouring Craigslist for a bed frame, recommending simple unbranded decor for the walls and bedside tables, and recommending other accessories to incorporate into the shoot. We also worked with our neighboring furniture store to secure additional props as a backup, if we needed more items to fill the image. 

Session: The session itself was a fun and energetic two-hour shoot at the studio, where we first set up and staged the scene, and took the product-only photos for the client. When the young model arrived, we created a playful environment, complete with background Disney music, to help bring out her playful and engaging side.  

During the session, the client was able to review images and give feedback in real time, as the photos were delivered electronically as we shot, to an iPad in her hands. This enabled us to see the small details (small creases in the fabric, gaps between the bed frame and the sheets, etc.) that we could quickly adjust to ensure as little post-production work as possible.

Completed Work: Because of the pressing deadline, we were able to turn around and deliver the proofing gallery to the client the same day as the shoot.