Gemma DiForio’s family has a unique approach to passing time during quarantine – the family, at her younger sister’s urging – has adopted and is fostering a teacup pig named Milo. It’s just one of the many ways Gemma is keeping herself entertained. In addition to pig-sitting, Gemma is spending time hanging out with her friends at social-distance-friendly trunk parties, and connecting with them on Zoom calls.

Speaking of friends, she says her biggest takeaway from this time is that she’ll never take her friends and her freedom for granted.  “Soak in everything and live in the moment, because you never know when it will all be taken away from you.”

The Lake Oswego High School senior had some incredible highlights during her senior year, including going to state finals in skiing, and also working as a YoungLife leader. “I’ve been in it (YoungLife) since junior year and this last year I’ve helped out with wildlife (the middle school club) and helped run the high school club meetings,” she explains. “I’ve helped run the raffle, play games with kids and drive freshmen around.”

A self-proclaimed coffeeaholic, Gemma is most looking forward to hangouts at Peet’s Coffee, and spending time thrifting (a favorite hobby) at Buffalo Exchange.  This fall, she’ll move to the east coast to attend the University of Vermont studying neuroscience and communication and disorders.  Why Vermont, we asked? “It has really great professors, lots of cool things to do outside,and the people there seem to be a lot like me — super chill.”