There aren’t a lot of high school seniors out there who had their senior photos taken the month following open-heart surgery. But there aren’t a lot of high school seniors out there like Lucy. The Jesuit HS student, who also happens to be a huge Blazers fan, cheerleader, and softball player, herself has endured and flourished following more than 20 surgeries in her life for a congenital heart defect. She’s also served as an ambassador for her surgical center, Emanuel Hospital (and now Randall Children’s Hospital) over the years, and has been a speaker at a number of events including presenting to the Hospital’s Board of Directors.

Today, Lucy is simply celebrating what is now a strong heart and the coming completion of her senior year.

As a student at Jesuit, Lucy is one of the “lucky ones,” if you will, who is taking a rigorous load of online classes, so right now her days are filled with a lot of homework.  She’s also taking time going for long walks, baking with her mom and sister (cookies and banana bread, most recently), helping her brother plant his new garden, and sleeping. “I do get a lot more time to sleep, which is kind of great,” she says.

Though she misses cheerleading and softball, Lucy is grateful for the time she did get to spend with her softball team during their early season practices, and getting to know the newest players. She’s really looking forward to the Team Zoom call that they have planned for next week, as well.

Lucy will attend Texas Christian University in the fall, studying chemistry with an eye on pre-med. Though she does not know the specialty she’ll choose, she does know she’ll be in the field of pediatrics.

According to Lucy, the upside of quarantine has been the time to reconnect with her family. “We are usually all so busy with sports and school and homework,” she says, “so it’s been nice to hang out with them.”