It is SO hard for me to believe that all of my amazing Class of 2019 seniors are about to graduate.  This crew has been so much fun, and we’ve shared tons of laughs and time together. Before they headed off to their next adventure, I was able to share some fantastic time with a few of my model team in the most colorful downtown session I’ve hosted to date.

And because I’m rather obsessed with color right now, I’ve added the fun striped and floral jumpsuits you’ll see here in my Senior Wardrobe. So if we’re shooting together, let me know if you’re interested in wearing one of these for your session – they’re yours to borrow!

Thanks so much to Karina, Alex and Kathryn for shooting with me. You made the whole experience so much fun!  (Special shout out, too, to my new studio manager, Noelle, who helped with styling, lighting and laughing behind the scenes!)