Situation:  For the introduction of Boss Girl Apparel, the client wanted a simple, clean and industrial-looking background against which to showcase her new brand of workout gear.  Boss Girl was designed for the independent, self-assured woman who expects high-performance gear to move and breathe with her, and provide great support in the process. For this session, we collaborated with Boss Girl to create a vision board overflowing with strength, confidence and a little bit of sass. 

Suggestions:  To best showcase the new apparel, we identified a few locations around our Oregon City studio that offered a clean, non-disruptive background. The idea was to shoot from enough of a distance to ensure each photo could serve as the full web page itself, with enough room to overlay text.  We also secured a few minimal, color-complementing accessoires to show the gear in action. With the help of the client, we also secured models in a range of body types and sizes, to showcase the brand’s size-inclusive features. 

Session:  The session took place in a short two-hour time block to accommodate the models’ schedules and also protect the clients’ budget.  With the session pre-planned and story boarded, we were able to capture a wide range of photos to give the client options as they built their initial website.  The intent was to get some solid catalog photos with the individual models and a few group shots, with the plan of shooting product-only photos in the foreseeable future. 

Completed Work:  The client reviewed the photos during our session in real time on the iPad we provided, where our photos were sent directly from the camera. After the session, we delivered proofs to the Boss Girl Apparel team that same afternoon, and selections were made and edited, and completed within five days. The website is expected to launch soon, with future sessions already being planned.