Ever had an idea in your head for so long, you’d never think it would come to fruition? I’d been dreaming of doing a vintage-themed photo session almost since the time I learned that themed photo sessions were a “thing” in the senior photo industry.  At last this past weekend, with the help of a TON of amazing people, that vision became reality! After what seems like endless hours of hunting for classic 50’s styles in the racks at Red White and Blue (with the help of my artist-daughter Alexis and her long-time artist-friend Dylan), we found an insane range of on-target looks for all of my Class of 2020 models to rock the shoot.  The amazing Kiera from @Keiramakesfaces came on board with her stylized hair and makeup artistry, while my senior model and social media assistant, Tenley, also added some makeup looks for a few of our team as well.  Our long-time friend Juan Ruiz of Affordable Classics — one of our favorite places to shop for dream cars — was generous enough to let us borrow a GORGEOUS red convertible 1965 Chevrolet Malibu (seriously- LOOK AT THIS CAR)! while the team at Cycle Express gave us permission to shoot at their restored Flying A Gas Station.

And finally, while models were getting themselves dolled up for their session, I stole them away in small groups and shot at the local Five Guys Burgers and Fries to mimic a classic diner as a setting.

There were a LOT of moving parts and an insane amount of work, but the net results speak for themselves, I think!  To my hard-working assistant, Noelle, thank you for putting in such long hours to get ready for this event. And to my beautiful Class of 2020 Dream Team – thank you for your patience and for modeling your hearts out.  I had an amazing time and could not be happier with the art we created.

And for those of you who might still want a session, I now have slots open in October and am taking mini sessions as well as custom magazine-style sessions on a limited basis … so give me a shout!